Telltale Signs That You Need A Tooth Extraction?
24 February

Telltale Signs That You Need A Tooth Extraction?

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Having dental issues may make life intolerable. Life’s standard of living may be impacted, your productivity may decline, and you may experience severe discomfort. Tooth extraction is a frequent treatment for several dental conditions, but it should only be performed by a qualified dentist. What are the chances of having a tooth pulled when you visit the dentist? These are some warning signs that indicate you ought to have your tooth pulled. Visit the top dentists of Khidirpur to get your teeth extracted.

Here are some signs that you need to look for.

Tooth Decay

Too much buildup of plaque, poor diet, and bad oral care can all contribute to dental caries. Fillings in the mouth are frequently used to cure minor decay. Root canal therapy or Single Sitting Rct may be used to treat other cases of tooth decay, but if your doctor determines that your teeth are too heavily affected to be saved, amputation may be your only option. Your dentist will first assess the damage’s extent and determine whether any additional treatments might be effective. If extraction is the finest course of action, you ought to think about returning for a dental implant procedure to avoid other dental issues.

Teeth Loss

You shouldn’t have to deal with misaligned teeth as an adult. If you can move any of your teeth, you must visit a dentist to get the problem fixed and determine whether you need to have any teeth extracted. Aging loose teeth are frequently caused by past trauma or periodontitis. Too much infection or damage to the teeth may have destroyed the roots. You will need to get your teeth extracted if the roots have died.


You may get gum ulcers if you battle with dental decay that affects the pulp of your teeth. Antibiotics, root planning, and scaling interventions can all be used to treat infections that are still in the early stages. But if you find out about the ailment a little prematurely, the surgeon might have to pull a few teeth. As a preventative measure to prevent the development of gum infection, the specialist may in some cases advise pulling a tooth. It is also a great treatment option if your immunity isn’t strong enough to fight against infections or oral injuries. Get an appointment in the dental clinic in Khidirpur if you have any kind of tooth infection.

Accident or Trauma

Your tooth may be significantly broken following an incident or mouth trauma. Moreover, you can experience pain when you bite down or press on your teeth. Depending on the circumstances, your dentist may advise extracting the troublesome tooth.


These are typical signs that a tooth needs to be extracted, but only a professional can advise you if this is the best course of action after examining your teeth. Schedule a visit with a dentist for an evaluation or you can visit our dental clinic near Khidirpur and get dental extraction if you experience these symptoms.

How Deep Bite Can Be Fixed?
22 February

How Deep Bite Can Be Fixed?

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People of all ages, including small toddlers and elderly individuals, are susceptible to a deep bite, which is an extraordinarily frequent ailment. A deep bite occurs when there is an excessive amount of overlap between the upper and lower fronts as the jaw shuts. It is also referred to as a dental malocclusion and a misalignment.

The appearance of the face may be affected by a deep bite. Nevertheless, it also extends beyond just a cosmetic dental problem and can lead to a variety of oral health issues, such as tooth and gum damage, migraines, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), and hearing loss.

What Is The Solution For Deep Bites?

Treatment options for a deep bite are numerous. You’ll probably need to visit the best smile makeover dentist in Kolkata or an orthodontist to talk about your choices for treating your issue.

Deep bite cases must be evaluated on an individual basis. In addition to treating the deep bite, you might also need to treat any underlying problems that are associated with it. Your treatment strategy could be impacted by your age.

Here are some alternative treatments for deep bites that your doctor could advise.

Tooth Extraction

For the purpose of realigning your bite, your dentist at the dental clinic in New Alipore could advise removing certain teeth. The back teeth in your mouth might need to be removed to do this.

Baby or permanent teeth may be extracted from children getting deep bite therapy to aid with alignment.

Dental Appliances

You can improve your deep bite with one of the various dental devices.

Your dentist will tighten the wires connecting the brackets on your teeth as your treatment progresses to keep your braces in place.

The majority of the day will probably need you to wear retainers, which are detachable wire and plastic components that you may remove as needed.

The top dentists near New Alipore can straighten your teeth over time with transparent trays known as tray aligners. Instead of braces, they are an option.

Others are manufactured specifically for your mouth and other dental devices are prefabricated.

Prefabricated appliances may help to prevent overbite, according to a 2019 research, but they’re less efficient than bespoke appliances and aren’t as popular.

For several months or years, you might need to wear a dental device to treat your deep bite and other orthodontic issues.

Teeth Repair

Your dentist could conclude that fixing your rear teeth would enhance your deep bite. To better your teeth alignment, this can entail placing implants or using bonding to restore damaged teeth.

Also, the dentist at the dental clinic near New Alipore could suggest other strategies for dealing with the deep bite.


If your deep bite is a bone issue, your doctor may suggest jaw surgery to fix it. For older teenagers or adults who have stopped developing, surgery could be a better option.

Braces or another dental device may be worn during the whole course of treatment, both before and following surgery. The recuperation period following surgery might last for several weeks and include a hospital stay.


Excessively overlapping between the upper and lower front teeth is referred to as a deep bite. Although tooth loss or misaligned jaws can also contribute to it, misaligned teeth are typically the culprit.

Traditional braces or clear aligners are usually used to address this tooth problem. In some situations, dentists could also suggest jaw surgery.

Many Reasons for Persistent Tooth Pain

Many Reasons for Persistent Tooth Pain

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An indicator of possible tooth injury is throbbing tooth discomfort. Your pain may be caused by dental decay or a cavity. If the tooth or the tissues around it are infected, throbbing tooth pain can also result.

In most cases, an infection or inflammation in the tooth is what causes toothaches. It is known as pulpits.

Your tooth’s delicate pink pulp helps keep it alive and in good shape. Blood veins, tissue, and nerves can all be found in the tooth pulp.

A tooth with a cavity or break allows air and bacteria inside. This may aggravate and infect the painful pulp nerves in the teeth. You should search for “dental pain treatment near me” if the pain is persistent.

Dental Decay

The main cause of dental discomfort is tooth decay or a cavity. Bacteria may “eat” their way through a tooth’s tough outer layer of enamel to do this.

Bacteria are a normal component of oral and overall health. But, leaving too much sugar or other food on your teeth can lead to an overgrowth of harmful microorganisms.

Plaque that adheres to your teeth is created by bacteria. Certain bacteria produce acid, which can result in cavities or holes. Little white, brown, or black patches on your teeth might be signs of tooth rot. A deep dental cleaning at the dental clinic in Ballygunge can resolve this issue.

Tooth Abscess

When the pulp within a tooth dies, it can get infected and become an abscessed tooth. An abscess is a dead tissue-induced “pocket” of pus and germs. An abscess can develop from a tooth infection or inflammation.

If a damaged tooth is not treated right away, it may become infected and become an abscess. This takes place when a hole or fracture allows germs to enter the tooth. Contacting one of the top dentists near Ballygunge is the only solution to fix this issue.

Tooth Fracture

A break or crack in the tooth is referred to as a fracture. By biting down on anything hard, such as ice, this may occur. Also, if you fall or are struck by something hard in the face or jaw, you might shatter a tooth. Sometimes a tooth fracture happens gradually over time.

The pain from a fractured tooth can be excruciating. Because of the fracture, substances can enter the tooth and irritate or infect the pulp and nerves, producing pain. Visit a dental clinic near Ballygunge if you are suffering from tooth fractures.

Grinding or Clenching

Bruxism is another name for tooth grinding. It typically occurs when you’re asleep. Biting firmly entails clenching your teeth. Stress, heredity, and excessively developed jaw muscles can all contribute to grinding and clenching.

Jaw, gum, and tooth discomfort can be brought on by grinding and clenching. They can cause tooth erosion by removing the tooth’s enamel. This raises the possibility of cavities, dental discomfort, and broken teeth.


Home treatments for toothaches can help you manage your pain and even seem to entirely resolve your issue, but issues like untreated tooth decay don’t go away on their own. We advise utilizing at-home treatments just as a means of relieving your discomfort up to your dental visit to make sure your oral health doesn’t deteriorate.

How Long Can I Expect My New Veneers To Last?
20 February

How Long Can I Expect My New Veneers To Last?

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The anterior surfaces of your teeth are covered with thin shells called dental veneers, which give them an even, healthy appearance. Your smile will look better and your teeth’s flaws will be covered up.

When determining whether to get veneers, it’s crucial to consider how long they normally endure. We’ll now examine what can shorten the longevity of dental veneers and offer some insight into that subject. But if you are looking for a top dentist in your area then try searching for the best veneer dentist near me on the web. If you reside anywhere near Park Circus Avenue and looking for an elite dental clinic in Circus Avenue with experienced dental professionals then we suggest you check our site. We have patients all over Kolkata, you can click here to book an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Apratim Ganguly.

The appropriate veneers for your unique needs will be discussed once your dentist examines your teeth. There may be a particular substance that would function better for you as there are various varieties. The many materials that are used to make veneers are listed below. The most economical material is composite veneer. They are made of resin and, with the right maintenance, can last up to five years.

These veneers could cost as much as INR 13,000 depending on where you live and also what must be accomplished. Finding a qualified professional is crucial because there are potential risks involved in this process.

Orthodontic veneer overlays the whole front of your tooth with a thin porcelain shell, concealing dental problems rather than treating them. Due to its youthful looks and longevity, porcelain has become the most frequently used material to create veneers. When taken care of properly, porcelain veneers can last up to 20 years and usually last a longer period of time. If you are getting veneers from our doctor Apratim Ganguly one of the top dentists near Circus Avenue then we guide you throughout the whole maintenance process.


When considering dental veneers, always do your homework. For instance, will you spend more money and be required to change them more often if you go for less expensive but less durable material?  In order to make the most of your veneers, you must practice good oral hygiene. Additionally, giving them the correct care will guarantee a longer lifespan. Keep in mind that there are substitutes to dental veneers, including as dental crowns, which are better suited for seriously damaged teeth. Before undergoing any surgery, always talk to your dentist about all your alternatives and make a well-informed decision. You can get in visit us, as mentioned earlier, we have a dental clinic near Circus Avenue.

Choosing the Best Dentist for Your Dental Issues
13 February

Choosing the Best Dentist for Your Dental Issues

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Visiting the dentist for checkups is the best way to take better care of your oral health. The cleanliness of your teeth and gums is ensured by routine checks, which enhance your general health and protects you from illness.

But how can you pick one of the best dental clinics or top dentists near Alipore?

Fortunately, there are some ways to find the ideal dentist for you. We’re going to go over the most crucial factors to think about while selecting a dentist in this post. To learn what these are, just keep reading!

Their Experience

It is essential that the dentist you select be board certified. By doing this, you may be confident that the dentist you choose has the education, training, and expertise necessary to give you the finest treatment possible. You may conduct a search on state websites to learn more about a dentist’s medical training, schooling, and all other qualifications.

View Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a fantastic way to identify a reputed dental clinic in Alipore. Reading reviews of dentists and treatments from former clients, whether positive or negative, says a lot about the calibre of the practice.

A dentist may be worth seeing if they have received nothing but positive evaluations. On the other side, a dental practice with negative ratings won’t be worth your time, so you should keep seeking the right fit.

Insurance and Costs

It’s crucial to choose a dentist that accepts your insurance plan if you want to take full use of your dental insurance benefits. You will ultimately save money by doing this and ensuring that you pay the least amount of money out of pocket at each visit.

If you don’t have dental insurance, you’ll need to call the office of the dentist you’re considering and ask for details on prices and payment requirements.

The Treatment They Offer

The same cannot be said for all dental offices. It’s crucial that you know what is available before making a choice because some dentists provide treatments and procedures that other dentists do not.

For instance, if you’re considering getting a clear aligner, you should know that not all dentists are qualified to use them. So, if there is a particular service you require, always confirm that the dentist provides it.

Consider the Location

How significant is the location of the dentist to you? While some patients prefer an office that is only five minutes away from their home or place of employment, others are ready to spend a considerable amount of time travelling to their appointments.

Perhaps location isn’t such a big factor for you if your schedule isn’t as demanding. In that case, you can contact Dr Apratim Ganguly’s dental clinic near Alipore.