What to Do When You Have a Broken or Chipped Tooth?
27 December

What to Do When You Have a Broken or Chipped Tooth?

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Breaking a tooth is more frequent than most people realize. Mortal teeth are robust, yet they could shatter, crack, or break under certain conditions. In addition to causing excruciating pain, this erosion raises the likelihood of an infection in your teeth.

Having a damaged molar can be as traumatic and troublesome as having a chipped tooth, despite what might seem to be the case. If you have broken teeth or chipped teeth then search for a dental clinic near me and book an appointment.


But why exactly does a tooth break?

Several things can cause teeth to shatter. You could split or crack a tooth if you’ve struck your face, landed on it, ripped open some packaging with your teeth, experienced a punch to the face, or even if you’ve clamped down on something exceptionally hard. The causes of a fractured tooth, however, can differ. They might be more mundane, like chomping down on an icicle, a piece of rice crispies, or another refractory item, or they can be more dramatic, like just smashing your teeth while asleep.

Using your teeth for anything other than chewing food is never advised by top dentists. This includes grasping objects, tearing open packagings like snack bags or similar goods, and opening bottles.

Try searching for ‘dental clinic near me’ because going to the right orthodontist is important for your dental health.


How do you treat them?

Tiny corner cracks on teeth often don’t hurt or cause issues, but your dentist can recommend repairing the chip by flattening the edge and placing a tooth-colored filling. By doing this, the sharp edge won’t hurt your lips or tongue. As these issues may be caused by a lesion, severely shattered and cracked teeth may need more involved procedures. Large cavities are uncomfortable if left untreated and can lead to fissures and breaks. Additionally, infections at the uncovered gum line and pulp can result from tooth decay. These situations might necessitate root canal therapy. Your electrical impulses may also be exposed by cracks and breaks, making your teeth more sensitive to meals, air, and temperature changes.

However, there are inevitable cracks that need medical attention for which you might want to visit a dental clinic but there are also some chips that don’t need any doctor visits.

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But you can also try some pain relieving hacks that can put you at some ease. Many top dentists near New Alipore advise that to reduce inflammation, rinse your mouth out with warm water and regularly pertain ice packs to the outer area. Anti-inflammatories and painkillers are available under (OTC), but you should only take them at the recommended amount. Applying clove oil will work, too. Quercetin, a soothing substance with anti-inflammatory qualities, is present in the oil.



If not fixed, even a minor enamel chip could become more serious. For a thorough examination and x-rays to analyze the harm and choose the best course of action, consult your dentist. If you reside anywhere near Alipore then you can check some dental clinic in New Alipore. Search something like dental clinic near New aliporeto get the best-reviewed dentists near you.

Should You Seek Medical Help For Canker Sores?
14 September

Should You Seek Medical Help For Canker Sores?

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Canker sores are tiny, shallow lesions that appear on the soft tissues of the mouth, at the base of the gums, inside the cheeks, on the tongue, and on the neck. Typically, they have a red, inflamed border around a white or yellow body.

There is no spread of canker sores. However, they can be extremely painful and make speaking and eating challenges. However, there are specific circumstances in which you should visit one of the top dentists near New Alipore.

You should inform your dentist about your mouth sore for the following reasons:

Your Sore Expands Over Time

Even the most severe canker sore, the white or yellow blister inside your mouth, ought to lessen over the course of many days. Visit your dentist if the sore in your mouth is growing rather than healing.

Given that your mouth is a refuge for microorganisms, your mouth sore may just be an infected cut or canker sore. However, if the sore simply won’t go away and is growing larger, your dentist should still give it a check. Your dentist will examine the affected area and look for indications of tooth or gum decay. An antibiotic and painkillers can be prescribed to you to speed up your recovery.

You Experience Additional Pain Along with Your Sore

You should visit your dentist as soon as possible if you have a mouth sore that is accompanied by other symptoms including trouble swallowing, discomfort in the tongue, or other issues. If you don’t smoke or chew tobacco, you may not have a precancerous sore but you could have other significant conditions like strep throat, oral thrush, or even a precancerous sore that requires medical attention.

Your dentist will assist you in determining what is causing your mouth sore and any other discomfort you may be experiencing. You should visit the dental clinic in New Alipore if you are having trouble breathing or swallowing.

Bad Breath Caused by Your Sore

You may have food and other debris trapped in your teeth or gums if you have a mouth sore and poor breath. The abrasion from a foreign object may have produced the sore to appear on your gums, even on your tongue or the roof of your mouth, and the rotting food or the start of infection may be to blame for the odour.

When you have a sore that produces foul breath, the longer you wait to go to a dental clinic near New Alipore, the greater the chance of infection or aggravation of the pain in your mouth.

Hope this helps with your canker sore and that you heal quickly.