A crown or dental cap is generally used to enhance the appearance of the teeth and strengthen it. It is a kind of dental restoration that caps or girdles a tooth completely. Crowns are bonded to the tooth using a dental cement in order to restore a broken or damaged tooth or to ensure the protection of the Root Canal treated teeth. Dental bridges are inserted to bridge the gap created by a few odd missing teeth by joining permanently to adjacent teeth of the patient. Bridges are nothing but joint crowns which uses teeth as support on the adjacent areas of the missing teeth zone to seat into place.

Crowns and bridges can also be a great Replacement for missing teeth. Dental bridges are placed to permanently attach to the patient’s neighbouring teeth in order to fill the space left by a few unusually missing teeth. Bridges are nothing more than joint crowns that are secured in place using the neighbouring teeth as support.

Crowns and bridges can be constructed out of porcelain, precious or semi-precious metals, or a combination of the two. Our dentist for missing teeth will go through the appearance, practicality, longevity, and compatibility of each kind with you when deciding on the best material for your dental work.

Patients can freely select from a selection of standard Ceramo-metal to the extremely aesthetic all Ceramic or Zirconia core Ceramic crowns in our clinic, which are made to look just like real teeth. A period of warranty may be included with the procedure. So walk-in into our clinic without wasting your time searching for ‘tooth replacement near me’.

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At these Clinics, a patient can freely choose from a variety of conventional Ceramo-metal to the very aesthetic all Ceramic or Zirconia core Ceramic crowns created to bear a close resemblance to natural teeth. These come with a warranty of up to 15 years.

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