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Is Teeth Whitening Safe for You?
28 November

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for You?

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There are several causes of tooth discolouration or staining. You may safely brighten and whiten them if you wish to. There are several alternatives available.

You can use at-home whitening solutions or go to the dentist for whitening procedures. Even though getting teeth whitening at a dental clinic in Kalyani might have some adverse effects, the majority of traditional whitening procedures are safe to use as long as you adhere to the product’s instructions.


Can Bleaching Your Teeth Damage Them?

Techniques for teeth whitening have been tried and tested for many years. The usage of teeth-whitening products is widespread. According to most top dentists near Kalyani. over-the-counter (OTC) and in-office applications as well as at-home procedures for tooth whitening are available. However, teeth whitening can occasionally cause a number of modest adverse effects. These include effects on dental restorations, tooth sensitivity, and gum sensitivity.

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An Itchy Mouth

The most popular active components for tooth whitening solutions are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Higher concentrations of these bleaching chemicals are used in treatments recommended by your dentist, whether they be take-home whitening trays or an in-office procedure.

Your gums could get irritated if the bleach comes in contact with them. To safeguard your gum tissue, your dentist does, nevertheless, extra safeguards. Your gums will be covered in a shielding gel during in-office treatments to protect them from the bleaching substance. Similarly, at-home trays are made to fit your teeth so that the least amount of whitening gel contacts your gums. The irritation should resolve itself if you continue to have problems.


Sense of Taste

Another typical adverse effect of all teeth whitening procedures is tooth sensitivity. The pulp’s irritation as a result of exposure to peroxide during the procedure may be the cause of sensitivity, according to the ADA. The concentration of peroxide, the existence of restorations, or even the intensity of light use can all have an impact on how severe the sensitivity is. If the sensitivity does not go away on its own, you can try:

  • Reducing the duration of the strips or trays’ wear.
  • Using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth when brushing.
  • Putting the whitening procedure on hold for a few days so that teeth may adjust.
  • Requesting a fluoride product from your dentist to assist remineralize teeth.

We would suggest you find a suitable dental clinic near Kalyani to get teeth whitening as it might lower the risks. Don’t use over-the-counter teeth whitening products without consulting with a professional.