Orthodontics is the sub-branch in the field of dentistry. It treats a condition called malocclusion. In this, the teeth are not aligned correctly when people close their mouths. Thus, it causes an improper bite.

The treatment is in high demand to straighten your teeth as disproportionate teeth cause various problems for the future. And an orthodontic treatment is the best option because of its benefits for the long term on gums, jaw joints, and teeth. The treatment benefits most people to get back their confidence. Most people feel less confident because of their crooked teeth and the impact it has on their appearances.


Type of devices and treatment by orthodontic treatment dentist

There are two kinds of orthodontic devices that professionals use while treating your teeth. They are removable and fixed appliances, and all the other devices come under the category of these two headings only.

Fixed appliances are quite common to treat crooked teeth. In such appliances, there are certain food and drinks that people should avoid. Apart from that a person can eat or drink normally.


Some of the examples of fixed appliances are –


  • Braces – The most common fixed appliance in any orthodontic treatment is braces. It comprises the band, wires, and brackets to firmly fix your teeth in their right spot. Braces are a lengthy process, and people can complete their treatment within one to two years. It depends on the condition of their teeth. You can know more about them on Google search of orthodontic treatment near me.
  • Space maintainers fixed and removable – Space maintainers are used for babies. When they lose their teeth, the maintainers stop the teeth from moving into the space. They are of two types fixed and removable.

Removable orthodontic tools fixed appliances are in use to treat major problems but removable appliances, on the other hand, are to treat minor problems such as preventing thumb sucking in infants or correcting less crooked teeth. People should consult an orthodontic treatment dentist near me before trying the appliance on their own. You can remove such appliances at the time of eating, cleaning, and flossing.


Common examples of removable appliances are –


  • Aligners – They is an alternative for braces and is quite useful for adults and people who have fewer crooked teeth. They are also hard to notice by other people. You can remove them at the time of eating, brushing, and flossing. You can use aligners for 2 to 3 weeks and later can change it in respect of the changes in your teeth.
  • Retainers – This tool helps to keep the treated teeth at their new place and prevent them from going back to their original position. Sometimes they are in use to prevent infants from sucking their thumbs. There are two kinds of removable retainers: Hawley retainer and plastic retainer. Hawley retainer is of metal along with acrylic. On the other hand, a plastic retainer is made of pure plastic, and it is quite impossible to pinpoint it. There are also permanent retainers. They help to keep the lower anterior of the teeth in place.

Apart from this, there are other removable appliances as well, such as headgear, bumpers for lip and cheek, palatal expander, jaw repositioning tools, etc.

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