Beyond Minty Mouthwash: Holistic Approaches to Bad Breath
29 September

Beyond Minty Mouthwash: Holistic Approaches to Bad Breath

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Bad breath, medically known as halitosis, is a common issue that can affect anyone. While reaching for a bottle of minty mouthwash may provide temporary relief, it’s essential to address the root causes of bad breath for a more holistic and lasting solution. In this blog post, we will explore some holistic approaches to tackle bad breath that are advised by the top dentists near Behala and promote overall oral health.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

The foundation of combating bad breath begins with proper oral hygiene. Regularly brushing your teeth (at least twice a day) and flossing helps remove food particles and bacteria that can cause unpleasant odours. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, and don’t forget to clean your tongue, as it can harbour bacteria.

Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to bad breath. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps maintain optimal saliva production. Saliva naturally cleanses the mouth and neutralizes acids that can contribute to foul odours. Dry mouth is onte of the main contributors for developing halitosis, so make sure you took care of this issue before you needed to visit a dental clinic in Behala.

Choose Your Foods Wisely

Certain foods like garlic, onions, and spices are notorious for causing bad breath. Opt for breath-friendlier options like parsley, mint, and apples, which can help neutralize odours. Crunchy fruits and vegetables also stimulate saliva production, aiding in the cleansing process.


In recent years, probiotics have gained attention for their potential to improve oral health. Probiotic-rich foods like yoghurt and kefir can help balance the oral microbiome, reducing the prevalence of harmful bacteria that cause bad breath.

Address Underlying Health Issues

top dentists near Behala

Sometimes, bad breath can be a sign of underlying health problems, such as gastrointestinal issues, sinus infections, or diabetes. If your bad breath persists despite following good oral hygiene practices, consult a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying medical conditions before visiting a dental clinic near Behala.

Mindful Lifestyle Choices

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to bad breath. Quitting smoking and moderating alcohol intake can significantly improve your oral health and breath quality.


While minty mouthwash can provide a quick fix for bad breath, it’s crucial to adopt holistic approaches for a long-term solution. By maintaining good oral hygiene, staying hydrated, choosing the right foods, and exploring natural remedies, you can tackle the root causes of bad breath and enjoy a fresher, more confident smile. Remember that persistent bad breath may indicate underlying health issues, so consulting a healthcare professional is always a wise decision to ensure your overall well-being.

The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Well-being: Exploring the Connection
1 July

The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Well-being: Exploring the Connection

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We frequently have a tendency to undervalue the significance of dental health when it comes to preserving excellent health. However, research has progressively demonstrated how closely our general health and dental health are related. As it turns out, maintaining our teeth and gums goes well beyond merely looking good.

This blog article will examine the intriguing connection between dental health and general well-being and explain why it’s so important to give both top priorities. So, read this blog if you have been missing dental appointments at the dental clinic in Behala.

Immune System and Inflammation

There is a strong correlation between overall health and good dental health. Chronic oral infections like gum disease can cause a systemic inflammatory response that affects many body regions. People’s immune systems may become weakened as a result of this ongoing inflammation, making them more vulnerable to illness and infection.

Cardiovascular Health

It is important to recognize the connection between oral and cardiovascular health. According to studies, those who have gum disease are more likely to get heart disease. The bloodstream can get infected by oral bacteria, causing plaque to build in the arteries and raising the risk of blockages and heart-related issues. So visit one of the top dentists near Behala to take better care of your heart.

Diabetes and Oral Health

There is a reciprocal association between diabetes and oral health. Gum disease can be exacerbated by poorly managed diabetes since elevated blood sugar levels are a perfect habitat for bacteria to grow. On the other side, gum disease can make it more difficult for people with diabetes to maintain their blood sugar levels, which can cause difficulties.

Dental Health and Pregnancy

It’s important to maintain excellent dental health throughout pregnancy since it can affect both the mother and the unborn child. Pregnancy gingivitis can result from hormonal changes that render gums more prone to infection. Untreated gum disease has also been linked to other pregnancy concerns including preterm birth and low birth weight. Pregnant women should visit a dental clinic routinely to avoid such issues.

Mental Health and Quality of Life

Additionally, emotional and general well-being can be impacted by oral health. Dental issues, such as tooth loss, can lower self-confidence and self-esteem, which can cause social anxiety and a decline in quality of life. Stress, sleep problems, and general mental health can all be exacerbated by persistent dental pain and discomfort. Consult with a dentist at the dental clinic near Behala.


Maintaining good dental health is crucial for your overall health in addition to keeping a beautiful smile. It is impossible to overlook the connection between dental health and overall wellness. You may encourage a healthier body and a higher quality of life by maintaining appropriate dental hygiene practices, seeing the top dentists frequently, and taking care of oral issues as soon as they arise. Keep in mind that having a healthy mouth makes you healthier!

What Are The 5 Stages Of Tooth Decay? A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Health
2 June

What Are The 5 Stages Of Tooth Decay? A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Health

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Maintaining good dental health is crucial for overall well-being, and understanding the stages of tooth decay is essential in preventing and treating dental problems. In this blog, we will explore the five stages of tooth decay, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional help from a dental clinic near Behala and the expertise of top dentists in the area.

Stage 1: Initial Demineralization

According to top dentists in Kolkata the first stage of tooth decay is the initial demineralization. It occurs when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that attack the tooth enamel, causing it to lose essential minerals. At this stage, there may be no visible signs of decay, but the enamel is weakened, making it more susceptible to further damage. Regular dental check-ups at a trusted dental clinic in Behala, staffed by top dentists near Behala, can help detect this early stage and provide preventive measures to halt the progression of decay.

Stage 2: Enamel Decay

If left untreated, the initial demineralization progresses to the second stage: enamel decay. At this point, the weakened enamel begins to break down, forming small cavities or holes in the tooth surface. Patients may experience increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. Prompt intervention by a skilled dental clinic in Kolkata, available at a reputable dental clinic in the area, is vital to prevent further deterioration and preserve the natural tooth structure.

Stage 3: Dentin Decay:

As tooth decay progresses, it reaches the third stage: dentin decay. Dentin is the layer beneath the enamel and is softer and more vulnerable to bacterial invasion. Decay in the dentin can cause increased tooth sensitivity, pain, and discomfort. At this stage, professional dental treatment becomes crucial. Top dentists near Behala, operating in a well-equipped dental clinic, can remove the decayed portions of the tooth and restore it using fillings or other suitable restorative techniques.

Stage 4: Pulp Involvement:

When the tooth decays and advances beyond the enamel and dentin, it reaches the fourth stage: pulp involvement. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, and its infection can lead to severe pain and inflammation. Root canal treatment may be necessary to remove the infected pulp and save the tooth. Skilled dentists in Behala, working at a reputable dental clinic, possess the expertise to perform this procedure effectively and alleviate the patient’s discomfort.

Stage 5: Abscess Formation:

The final stage of tooth decay is abscess formation. At this point, the infection spreads beyond the tooth roots, causing the formation of a painful abscess, which is a pocket of pus. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the surrounding tissues and even lead to systemic health problems. Immediate dental intervention is necessary to drain the abscess, eliminate the infection, and restore oral health. Seeking the services of the dental clinic in Kolkata, operating in a reliable dental clinic, is crucial for the timely diagnosis and treatment of this advanced stage of tooth decay.


Understanding the five stages of tooth decay empowers individuals to take proactive steps in preserving their dental health. Regular visits to a trusted dental clinic near Behala, staffed by top dentists in the area, can aid in early detection, prevention, and effective treatment, ensuring a healthy smile for years to come.

What Are The Signs Of Unhealthy Teeth?
31 January

What Are The Signs Of Unhealthy Teeth?

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The majority of individuals are aware that maintaining regular dental hygiene can help prevent gum disease and periodontitis. But not everyone is aware of the symptoms of tooth and gum disease. Dental health problems frequently lurk below the surface, undetectable. One of the fundamental causes for the significance of routine dental examinations is this. They enable your dentist to identify any problems early and suggest treatment when necessary.

Visit the top dentists near your area if you have any of the below symptoms.


Bad Breath

Even though occasional episodes of foul breath are common, chronically poor breath could indicate a dental issue. Halitosis, sometimes known as bad breath, may be an indication of periodontitis. Inadequate tooth cleaning and flossing can result in grit and microorganisms building up between the teeth and gums, which can cause gum inflammation and bleeding. Get an appointment with a dentist at a nearby dental clinic.


White Tongue

Contingent on what you’ve previously eaten, your tongue might change color in a variety of ways, but if you find that it typically appears white and encrusted, your tongue may be not as clean as you believe. Give your tongue a gentle scrape with the textured rear of your toothbrush or you can even use tongue scrapers to keep to clean the microorganisms. Another effective strategy to reduce the dangerous microbes is to continue brushing and flossing regularly. Search for a dental clinic near me if you sense anything serious.


Gum Bleeding

It may indicate that your tissues are in trouble if you’ve been seeing a little crimson in your brushes or drool after cleaning or flossing. Symptoms of gingivitis or irritation include swollen gums and redness. If you see bleeding without a clear explanation or your gums are hurting, then we suggest you get yourself treated in a dental clinic in behala, of course, if you live anywhere nearby.

dental clinic

Darkening Teeth

Your teeth can become darker as a result of food, drinks, liquor, nicotine, and some drugs. However, this kind of tooth darkening typically affects one or more teeth. If you notice that only one of your teeth is darkening, there may be a more significant issue going on. A dental injury may result in darkening. This discoloration is comparable to a bruise that would eventually go away in instances of minor to moderate injuries. A severed nerve can cause the discoloration to be persistent in circumstances of moderate to significant dental trauma. If you have unresolved dental decay, the tissue of your tooth may get infected and discolored. This kind of enamel browning is frequently a sign that you need root canal therapy to keep your tooth.



Maintaining good oral health entails more than just having a radiant smile and no pain. Your total health is greatly impacted by your oral health, which encompasses a lot more than that. The combination of bone resorption and formation is what causes periodontal disease, often known as caries. Deterioration is influenced by our diet, our drinking habits, and our dental hygiene practices. The enamel of teeth is permanently damaged by caries. In the world, dental caries and infections represent some of the most prevalent health issues. Hence, we suggest visiting a dentist before the situation worsens. If you live in Behala you can search for top dentists near Behala or dental clinic near Behala.

When to Visit a Dental Clinic?
23 December

When to Visit a Dental Clinic?

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Do you believe that the discomfort in your mouth necessitates a trip to the dentist? Any type of oral pain will draw your attention, no matter how mild it may be.

You may find it challenging to get through the day if you have oral discomfort. The body uses pain as a signal that something is amiss. You should schedule top dentists visit if your discomfort is interfering with your ability to carry out daily tasks.

How can you tell if your discomfort necessitates a quick dentist appointment? While mouth discomfort can occasionally go away on its own, it can also cause more dental problems. Therefore, it is essential to visit a dental clinic in Behala as soon as possible.


How Frequently Should I Visit a Dentist?

top dentists near Behala

This question doesn’t have a universally applicable solution. There are several considerations to weigh while choosing a dental checkup schedule. The following variables influence how frequently you should visit the dentist:



You might need to visit the dentist more regularly if you routinely consume alcohol or smoke. According to studies, Americans who regularly use alcohol have permanent tooth loss at a rate that is three times greater than the national average, and smoking is associated with several prevalent oral disorders.



Your dental health will be better if you are committed to maintaining proper oral hygiene routines than if you are not. The less frequently you see the top dentists near Behala, the less probable it is that your mouth, teeth, and gums will get unwell.



There are some aspects of your oral health that you can’t really change. You’ll need to take extra precautions to prevent cavities if you’re prone to acquiring them. Your dentist may need to pay closer attention to you if you have a family history of certain mouth disorders.



Preventive measures are a fantastic strategy to keep your oral hygiene in control, but if you have difficulty getting the supplies and assistance you require to take care of your oral health, you’re more likely to require regular dental examinations at the dental clinic near Behala.


Wrapping Up:

Are you prepared to go to the dental clinic so you can address your dental health concerns and stop experiencing pain? We are prepared to schedule an appointment for you so you may see us and have your mouth examined by one of our skilled dentists so they can address any dental problems you may be having right now.

Recognize that there are several modern dental technologies available that may make visiting the dentist a pleasant experience. In fact, a lot of our patients come to us because we frequently solve their dental problems in just one or two office visits.

What Is Gum Contouring Or Gingivoplasty?
21 October

What Is Gum Contouring Or Gingivoplasty?

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Not everyone has the same gumline; some have a high gumline, others have a low gum line, and some have in-between gumlines. Additionally, some gumlines are irregular. You could think considering getting gum contouring if you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your gum line.

When it comes to modifying your gumline, one of your treatment choices is gum contouring, also known as gingivoplasty or gingival sculpting. Sometimes, your dentist at a dental clinic in Behala could advise it, particularly if you have a gum problem that impacts the health of your mouth.

But what really does gum contouring entail? The advantages of gum contouring will be discussed in this article, along with whether it is a safe course of treatment or not.


How Can I Determine Whether I Require Gum Contouring?

Usually, you’ll make this decision depending on how you feel about your gums, which is a very private one. You might benefit from gum contouring or gum reshaping if your gums are uneven or if they conceal too much or not enough of your teeth.


From a Visual Perspective

Visually, the surgery lengthens and exposes crowns to produce a smile that is brighter and more even and showcases all of the teeth while also removing the wide strip of the gum tissue over the top.

Not all patients have the same amount of extra tissue covering their teeth. The outcome is an uneven gumline, where some places have more tissue than others. In order to achieve a straighter, more symmetrical smile, getting gum contouring in a dental clinic near Behala helps shape the areas where tissue extends lower than it should.

Dental Clinic Near Behala

Gum contouring can also be used to treat a gumline that is overly high as a result of gum recession in other situations. The tissue pushes back, exposing the tooth’s roots and lengthening the appearance of your teeth. This condition can indicate bone deterioration or periodontal disease, and it speeds up the symptoms of tooth decay.


Health Advantages

Beyond just being unsightly, some people may have health issues from having much gum tissue. Too much tissue can trap food particles that are challenging to brush and floss away, which could hasten tooth decay. Patients who have this syndrome frequently complain of chronic gum discomfort and are more likely to develop gingivitis or periodontal disease.

All the top dentists near Behala advise gum contouring prior to crown lengthening, pocket reduction, or any regenerative surgery because of these variables. Long-term, receding the gumline improves the preservation of existing teeth, reduces the risk of tooth decay, and keeps your teeth healthy for longer.



Consult your dentist if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth and gums to determine whether gum contouring surgery is an option for you. But keep in mind that the success of any cosmetic operation depends on the ability of the practitioner.

Do not visit somebody at random. Make sure you are confident in the dentist’s competence by doing your research. Inquire about the dentist’s further aesthetic dentistry training. Additionally, get images of the job they have completed and check to see whether you like what you see.

Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth And Here Is What You Should Do
14 September

Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth And Here Is What You Should Do

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Over the long run, food sources and beverages with a dim color and high acidic substance can likewise prompt stains on your teeth, suggests top dentists near Ballygunge. Obviously, we were interested in discovering which food sources and beverages lead to a more brilliant grin — and which one’s color and stain our silvery whites. In this article, we’ll investigate the top wrongdoers that can make your silvery whites lose their radiance and become stained.

Fundamentally your favored food varieties are staining your teeth. Locating a trustworthy clinic can help you get rid of stains. Try looking for a dentist available in your area; the best way to do that is to open your browser and start browsing for dental clinics near your area, like the dental clinic near Behala.

Replacement Of Missing Teeth Dentists

Now let’s talk about the foods we should try to avoid to save our teeth.

1. Red wine- For our teeth, red wine is one of the most well-known reasons for tooth staining. The acidic idea can “carve” the veneer and permit the dull red particles of wine to hold fast to its surfaces. Be that as it may, white wine, which has significantly more corrosive, likewise can.

2. Coffee- Espresso contains acidic polyphenols considered tannins that can prompt staining and staining. In addition, espresso is likewise exceptionally acidic to the body, and acidic food varieties can be more destructive to your oral wellbeing and lead to tooth rot. As indicated by dental specialists, tea, however helpful to our well-being from various perspectives, causes much more extreme staining than espresso. Both espresso and tea are additionally exceptionally acidic; this causes disintegration of tooth finish, which leaves teeth significantly more helpless against staining. It’s an endless loop for caffeine darlings.

3. Soda Pop and Cola- Sweet refreshments, including natural product juices, soft drinks, and many games drinks, likewise stain the teeth. Sugar-loaded refreshments act equivalent to sugar-loaded bites, giving the microscopic organisms in your mouth a lot to take care of. Soft drink is infamous as it is normal hued, is high in sugar and different acids, wears out tooth finish, and adds to depressions. These often lead to serious health issues and can even obligate us to undergo root canal treatment.

There are several dental clinics where your problem can be solved. All you need is to go look for root canal treatment in Kolkata or your can.

4. Berries- Crunching on a modest bunch of berries can assist with totting up your five-a-day. Be that as it may, as solid as they might be, berries are another tooth-staining guilty party. Numerous hazier berries, for example, blueberries and cherries, can stain teeth. Different organic products with dull shades incorporate pomegranates and blackberries. Profound-hued natural products, dull pigmented juices — like cranberry, grape, beet, pomegranate, and blueberry — can likewise stain your teeth.

5. Sweets and candy- Desserts and candy, particularly dull assortments like chocolate, can make gentle staining your teeth. Note that on the off chance that it makes your tongue change tones, it can likewise stain your teeth. Fortunately, except if you eat those treats regularly, they presumably will not make a lot of mischiefs.

6. Tomato Sauce- Tomato-based sauces can possibly genuinely harm and stain your teeth. Many sauces and toppings additionally add to staining and can even decay your teeth to the extent when tooth replacement can be a sole cure.

We agree that most of these teeth-staining food items like blueberries are rich in antioxidants and hence are necessary to be a part of our meal. Therefore, cutting back completely won’t be a good choice. But what you can do is to check other healthier alternatives of antioxidants so that your body could consume only the good out of your plates. Few examples of such alternatives can be apples, cauliflower, melon, etc.

Replacement of missing teeth dentists often reports that patients usually report damaged teeth more than missing teeth. Fundamentally, this happens when eating dishes containing either acidic or profoundly pigmented sauces. Among the causes adding to staining incorporate soy sauce, curry, pureed tomatoes, or other tomato-based sauces.

root canal treatment

Above given were potential enemies of your teeth, but to our surprise, you can’t completely resist using them, says reputed dentists, as most of these food products are essentially required for the balanced functioning of your body. No, wait! Do you think that you have to make a two-way decision here?

No way, this is what this article is here to address. Following given are some popular and useful tips that can help you remove the excess danger from these food products and make them teeth-friendly.

So what exactly can you do to save your teeth from staining?

Rinse- Include this as an essential health ritual in your life. According to many dentists say that rinsing after and before your meals is a great way to protect your teeth from unwanted stains.

Often after eating, we notice that most of the food is stuck in between our enamels. While the visible portion can be cleaned by water splashes yet the non-visible part still remains behind. And that is exactly my friend, the main culprit. Rinse thoroughly after and before eating.

Use a straw- It is a bit of unpopular advice, but it’s impactful. Using straws to consume beverages can reduce their contact with our teeth and thus will ultimately result in making them less harmful. One thing that you should note here is that while consuming drinks with a straw, stay aware and alert and don’t let the liquid come in direct or continuous contact with your teeth.

Swallow it a little faster- If, in any case, you are stuck with such teeth-staining foods and don’t have any other option but to consume them, it is advisable that you swallow them swiftly. Don’t let them come in direct contact with your teeth. Remember, the more contact, the more they will attack your teeth. However, this definitely does not mean that you don’t chew your food properly. Do it as well, but be a little mindful this time.

Professional Help

Digital smile designing can be an option. Smile designing does not always mean that you need to have crooked teeth. You can look for a digital smile designing dentist near me, can talk about your persisting staining issue. A digital smile designing dentist can suggest teeth whitening and other related factors that can help you.


Teeth-staining is an embarrassing situation. There are numerous cases where patients have lost their complete confidence due to their ugly-looking teeth. Thus, this issue needs to be addressed sincerely. Though medical science has numerous ways to control this problem, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Hence, if you are yet blessed with those sparkling teeth, pledge to protect them using above given tips.

I Am A Chain Smoker. How Often Should I See A Dentist For Teeth Whitening?
1 September

I Am A Chain Smoker. How Often Should I See A Dentist For Teeth Whitening?

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Smoking is detrimental to our health in numerous ways. Smoking every day can cause cancer of various organs, especially the lungs and the respiratory system. But other than these, smoking is known to hamper our dental hygiene majorly. It is common to see chain smokers having yellowish teeth, which can cause incessant smoking. There are many ways to battle that, yet the best way is to talk to a dentist near you about the problem.

An orthodontic treatment dentist can help restore the lost shine and natural colour of your teeth with a few teeth whitening sessions. Of course, to maintain it, you will have to take good care of your teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly can help you do that, yet the best way to battle these stains is to quit smoking entirely.

What are the Causes of Teeth Staining from Smoking Cigarettes?

Teeth are porous, which when comes in contact with nicotine and tar becomes yellowish. Even though nicotine is colourless in general, it becomes yellow when it comes in contact with oxygen. This can even be a bigger problem for smokers who don’t take good care of their teeth. Hardened plaque, also known as tartar, is already dark in colour, and when tar and nicotine embed in it, it can become darker and more unpleasant.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me

What Are Some Ways to Prevent Teeth Staining?

Even though doctors can help get rid of the teeth stains, there are some things that you can do to prevent staining your teeth. Some of them are:

Reduce or Quit Smoking:

Smoking is terrible for your body in numerous ways, which is why it is best to cut back or quit smoking altogether. It can be quite difficult, but the results are worth it. One of the best things about quitting smoking is that your teeth will become visibly whiter and healthier, which will give you a beautiful smile to feel proud of.

Take Good Care of your Teeth:

Taking care of your teeth is crucial, not only for their shine but also for their health. Ignoring your teeth can result in damage, which can lead to severe toothaches.

What Should You Do?

Contacting a medical professional who excels in dealing with dental pain can help. All you need to do is to Google ‘dental pain treatment near me.’ Then choose the most trusted and suitable dentist. That’s the first step towards having healthy teeth and gum.

Remember to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and not be too rough on your teeth while brushing, as it can harm your gums. Flossing once every day can also lead to great results in this case.

Even after brushing and flossing regularly, teeth can get stained. If teeth staining is your problem, then look for ‘teeth whitening dentist near me, not a dental pain treatment.

Locating a trusted dentist in your area

You can start by searching for the best possible option in your area. Suppose you live in the Behala area; simply start browsing for an acclaimed dental clinic in Behala to help you with this. If you are someone from Bullygunj, visiting a good dental clinic near Ballygunge with an eminent dentist and expert staff can help deal with these stains.

Orthodontic Treatment

What is the Process of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening gives millions of people shinier and healthier teeth. The process is quite simple, and the results are excellent. Most teeth whitening processes work by applying a bleaching agent to the teeth, followed by a special light that activates the bleaching ingredients. It does not take very long and is a pain-free process. This is especially helpful for smokers as it can help brighten their teeth up to 7 shades in a single day.

Do You have any other oral issue that is causing the staining!!

If you are not sure what kind of problem you have, then simply search ‘orthodontic treatment dentist near me,’ an orthodontist can guide you further in your journey towards healthier and cleaner teeth.

An orthodontist can help you with more than teeth whitening. You can also look for ‘single sitting RCT treatment near me and other dental problems like cavities. You can also get your broken or injured teeth fixed by a dentist for missing teeth. Usually, the oral tissues can be inter-connected. Sometimes a painful oral issue or tooth can stop you from properly brushing your teeth, or a missing tooth can cause enough pain to avoid flossing. So it’s better to be sure.

How Much Time Does it Take to Do the Process?

The time taken to do teeth whitening varies from person to person. It depends on how stained or damaged the teeth are. For some individuals, a single session is enough to see visible results. For others, especially those who all have damaged teeth, more sessions are needed.

How Effective Can Teeth Whitening be for Smokers?

Teeth whitening is generally very effective for smokers. Smoking stains generally affect the outer layer of the teeth, which can be remedied easily through teeth whitening treatments. The discolouration can be dealt with in a few sessions, and you can have brighter, healthier teeth in no time.

But it is essential to maintain the health of your teeth to prolong the effects of the procedure.

How to Prolong the Results of a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Teeth whitening can be costly, which is why prolonging the effects of a single procedure is the most practical and responsible choice. Taking care of your teeth properly and regularly is one of the best ways to do so. Other than that, you can also consider getting take-home whitening trays for maintenance treatments at home.

Final Thoughts

Teeth whitening can help you get brighter and healthier teeth, and at the same time, it can also uplift your confidence. You can smile freely without any kind of insecurity. Cleaning teeth regularly can help prevent cavities and other dental diseases. Therefore, smokers should definitely opt for it.

Effective Home Remedies to Stop Bad Breath
14 June

Effective Home Remedies to Stop Bad Breath

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Halitosis is such a problem that it can create an embarrassing moment for you in any situation. But you can get rid of it. A recent study shows that 25 per cent of the entire population of the word is affected by halitosis or bad breath. The dental clinic in Behala is doing an excellent job to help you overcome your bad breath.

You will be happy to know that you can get rid of your bad breath by taking some home remedies. People who are associated with public relation works are the worst sufferers of this kind of problem. Here in this article, we are sharing those home remedies with you.

Halitosis Doctor Near Me

Green Tea: Researches have shown that green tea has properties that can freshen up your bad breath temporarily. Moreover, it has a disinfectant property in it. The effect will be longer if you can bring a reusable bottle full of green tea to your workplace and sip throughout the day. By doing this, you can bid goodbye to your halitosis. But, if you want any medical help regarding this problem, you can search for top dentists near Behala.

Herbal Rinse: According to a recent study based on herbal rinse that is made from basil, cloves, and tea tree oil are very much effective to reduce gingivitis, plaque and bad breath. Of all these three, clove is exceptionally very much effective in keeping the bad bacteria from your mouth. It also prevents cavities. If you need proper medication, you should consult a dentist. People who stay in Behala should search for a dental clinic near Behala.

Cinnamon Oil: You should apply cinnamon oil that has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that fight against bad breath. Cinnamon oil particularly has potent antimicrobial properties in it that help to prevent bad breath. So this is one of the main steps to avoid your bad breath. You can still find a halitosis doctor near me to avoid your halitosis.

Tea Tree Oil: Yau may have heard about tea tree oil. It can heal several diseases. Even doctors prescribe this essential oil for removing acne. Did you have any idea that tea tree oil could cure your halitosis problem? It will kill the harmful bacteria inside your mouth. If you are not satisfied with this, you can consult a halitosis specialist near me.

You need to apply the tea tree oil perfectly. You need to mix the tea tree oil with a carrier oil, which is olive oil. Now you have to place it with warm water. When the mixture is ready, swish it inside the mouth. Do not spit it before 30 seconds. Now repeat the entire procedure until the cup is empty. This can be regarded as one of the practical steps.

Strong Smelling Herb: There are some herbs available in the market that can mask bad breath. You can make a mixture with several spices to create strong deodorizing tea. Now, if you want to, you can add extra power for smelling your tea, such as peppermint, thyme or rosemary. But if you want a complete check-up for the actual cause of your bad breath, you can call the halitosis treatment centre near me.

Kefir: Kefir is considered one of the fermented milk drinks that provide several health benefits that include halitosis. So, if you are suffering from bad breath and trying several remedies to get rid of this problem, you can try this; you would definitely get benefitted.

Water: Do not let your mouth dry. Always keep it hydrated. So, if you have bad breath, you should drink plenty of water. A study says that dry mouth creates bad breath that causes unpleasant situations.

So, here we have provided you with effective information to prevent your bad breath. But, never forget to consult with a specialist to bring out the actual cause of it.

How Can You Properly Take Care of Your Teeth?
29 April

How Can You Properly Take Care of Your Teeth?

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There is a famous saying that God gives sharp teeth when he gives hard bread. But what if we don’t take proper care of those? We will be left without those gifts, and we will not be able to bite our way into food. Not only that, but we might also face numerous other health issues that will torment our regular life. 

One of the best Dental clinics in Behala offers a safe and sound way that keeps your teeth healthy and your smile radiant. There are therapeutic techniques and surgeries, as well as treatments that can fix any problems that you might encounter related to the health of your teeth and gums. Therefore they are committed to protecting your smile and your oral health. 

The most common problems related to your teeth:

most common problems related to your teeth

Though we may tend to overlook the health and well-being of teeth, we must employ a certain amount of time and effort behind it. Cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata has upped the ante in fixing your smile, position, and looks related to your teeth and oral structure.

Healthy teeth and gums not only look good but are also essential to maintain your overall oral health. They help you with ease of eating and ingestion, which might be problematic if you do not take care of the health of your teeth. The problems that people encounter very commonly regarding their teeth and oral hygiene can be enumerated below.

Gum bleeding:

Gum bleeding

This is a widespread problem and can occur with people of any age. Although there is significant proof that specific causes of this problem lies with nutritional deficiency, lack of oral hygiene might also contribute to the same. 

Tooth decay: 

Tooth decay

One of the most severe problems that have troubled a massive amount of global population is tooth decay. The thin layer of bacteria that forms a film over your teeth is called dental plaque. This might contribute to the gradual deterioration of your teeth by releasing acids that eat away your teeth. Finally, a cavity could be formed in your teeth, or it could also lead to the damage of the nerves. The nerves supplying the teeth could become infected and die. 

Other gum diseases: 

Other gum diseases

The layer of plaque that builds up beneath your gum line can contribute to the soreness, redness, inflammation, and bleeding of your gums. Not only will it look bad and smell awful, but it might be the root cause of many severe gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis. 

Root canal treatment in Kolkata could be a great way to alleviate the pain caused by tooth decay, cavity, and nerve damage. But we should primarily focus on the practices that help us in maintaining our oral and dental health and hygiene without resorting to surgeries or prolonged treatment. 

What is plaque and how to prevent diseases?


Plaque is nothing but a thin, sticky film of bacteria. It forms on your teeth and the underlying surface of your gum. When you ingest food that primarily consists of starches and carbohydrates, the plaque forms acid. The outer surface is composed of a substance called enamel, which gets worn due to continuous acid attack and causes cavity and tooth decay. 

If not removed by brushing, the plaque will harden to form calculus or tartar, as it is commonly called. Thus proper brushing technique and time should be invested to get rid of the plaque that gets accumulated in the teeth and gums. A thorough appointment with a Dental clinic near Behala could be a way to remove the plaque if it has already hardened to form tartar. 

Gums and Teeth: Tips to keep them Heathy

Gums and Teeth tips

Following a simple routine can keep your teeth and mouth healthy. This includes :

  • Brushing once at night before you sleep and any other time of the day. You should be using fluoride toothpaste.
  • The toothbrush in use should have a small to the medium-sized head and should consist of soft to medium, multi-tufted and round-ended bristles for maximum surface area access.
  • Spitting out after brushing and avoiding rinsing. This will prolong the existence of fluoride on your teeth and gums.
  • Cleaning between the teeth with interdental brushes or floss daily. 
  • Having a proper eating regime and avoiding sugary food and drinks as much as possible. 
  • Resorting to periodic dental check-ups.

It is extremely vital to clean your dentures and implants as it is to clean your natural teeth. Clinics offering full and partial dentures treatment in Kolkata suggest the thorough cleaning of dentures and clasps to remove any morsel of food that might give rise to severe oral problems later. 

Final words

Good oral and dental hygiene starts with your desire and efforts. The wish to have healthy and strong teeth should be followed up with not-so-difficult practices, and you will be rewarded with dental assets that will serve you effectively till your last.