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What Happens When You Ignore Impacted Teeth for Long?
17 January

What Happens When You Ignore Impacted Teeth for Long?

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Perhaps routine dental X-rays revealed your impacted tooth to you. Or perhaps you had one after seeing one of the top dentists for tooth pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Whatever the cause, you are aware that you have an impacted tooth. You’re unsure of your future steps at this point.

Impacted teeth are quite prevalent, particularly in teens and young adults who are still growing their wisdom teeth. A tooth that becomes trapped below your gum line and is unable to fully erupt as a healthy tooth would is said to be impacted. You must visit a dental clinic in Baruipur to get it removed.

Though it may be tempting, ignoring an impacted tooth might put you at risk for eventual dental issues.


Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t disregard your impacted tooth…


Mouth Pain Becoming Worse

Initial pain from an impacted tooth is not always present. However, the longer it goes untreated, the greater the chance of oral discomfort.

Because it is buried behind your gums, an impacted tooth can cause swelling and discomfort. Tooth sensitivity, jaw discomfort, and swollen gums are typical signs of an impacted tooth. When you bite, chew, or open your mouth, pain is more likely to be felt the worse the impacted tooth grows. But luckily, experts at the dental clinic can get it fixed easily.

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Infection and Tooth Decay

Accessible and simple to clean, healthy teeth. However, cleaning and accessing teeth that are impacted or crowded is challenging, if not impossible. You have a higher chance of developing dental decay and infection if you ignore your impacted tooth, therefore.

Having a tooth that is diseased or rotting might hurt. A terrible taste in your mouth or unusually unpleasant breath are some potential symptoms. Reverse these issues by visiting one of the top dentists near Baruipur.


Adjacent Teeth Have Been Harmed

Because they can’t properly emerge from your mouth, impacted teeth frequently become lodged under the gums. It’s possible that your impacted tooth is pressing against adjoining teeth whether it is fully visible or not.

The healthy teeth that are close to an impacted tooth may gradually become misaligned or experience early wear as a result. Your smile will change as a result of the pressure it puts on those teeth, which causes them to move.


A Diminished Ability to Speak

If you don’t go to a dental clinic near Baruipur to get it fixed, it will eventually deteriorate the function of your mouth. Opening your mouth may be difficult if you have jaw discomfort or swelling. The inability to bite and chew food is also influenced by pain and sensitivity. An impacted tooth might potentially cause issues with the sinus cavity in extreme circumstances.